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Business Development and Marketing

Business developer

Help the team compose a rigid business plan and write the future roadmap and for NewEnergyNexus startup incubator.
10 hours/weekCSL Building, BSD, Tangerang and available online/ WFH

Faraday is building reliable energy management systems. Managing energy isn't only a technical problem. It's also a question of how to effectively make technological improvements within budgetary constraints and with the least amount of interruption.

About this position

Planning is a crucial part of startups - A Business Developer works to improve an organization's market position and achieve financial growth. The Faraday as a group plans to enter the NewEnergyNexus startup accelerator in January 2022. Preparations need to be made and entering such a competitive environment requires a lot of improvements in existing roadmaps, business plans, revenue models, and other stuff.

A successful experience is not required here, rather we look for smart, motivated, collaborative engineers who love to learn and solve problems, and want to make an impact on a super inspiring project.


  • Collaborate with board members to compose business plans and roadmap.
  • Plan on improving Faraday's market position and achieving financial growth.
  • Prepare and maintain development timeline for pre-seed/ seed funding at Nexus.
  • Predict burn rate and other operational costs once we seeded.
  • Create and compose detailed WBS from 2022-2023 roadmap.

Basic qualifications

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (in Indonesian or English). A certification of this is preferable.
  • Great problem solving and time management skills.
  • Able to use text-processing software such as Word or Docs.
  • Willing to learn new software to increase productivity.
  • Took a business major or other related course and understand the concept of business development aspects.

Preferred skills and experience

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, autonomously driven, and demanding start-up atmosphere
  • Highly detail-oriented and passionate about advancing the energy management industry
  • Willing to occasionally work nights or weekends to meet critical deliverable
  • Have prior experience or interest in B2B marketing or other similar division
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Project or Trello or Airtable, or another similar software.


Applicants who wish to view or discuss Faraday’s T&C for team members may notify the team at tobias@faraday.id or felix@faraday.id.

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