Faraday is building reliable energy management systems

Managing energy isn't only a technical problem. It's also a question of how to effectively make technological improvements within budgetary constraints and with the least amount of interruption.

Our vision

To build a universal and open solar forecasting service, yielding resilience benefits while accelerating photovoltaic adoption.

Our mission

  • To develop and provide accessible and reliable solar forecasting technology to help address the issue of intermittency in the solar energy industry.
  • To support the growth and widespread adoption of photovoltaic power plants by providing a cost-effective and high-quality forecasting solution.
  • To promote sustainability and resilience in the energy sector through the implementation of open and free solar forecasting technology.

Our values


Creativity above everything


Honesty on all we do


Exceeds commitment


In hard and difficult times


Taking pleasure in what we do


Multidisciplinary works are our foundation

The Faraday Team

Tobias Haposan
Hizkia Felix
Muhammad Alaf Ramadhan
Brandon Gabrielle Soetrisno
Yudi Samyudia

The energy 'roller coaster' never ceases with new turns and spirals which make for a challenging ride.

Al Thumann, Former Executive Director of the Association of Energy Engineers